About WontGetWeird

WontGetWeird is a network of organizations and individuals who won’t get weird when you need to talk about sexuality or sexual health. We are committed to providing everyone with nonjudgmental, youth-friendly, pro-choice and sex-positive services.

WontGetWeird is currently available in BC and Alberta.


Want to Join Us?

Are you a service provider in BC or Alberta who "won't get weird" when people ask you about sex? Want to join our network, or know someone else who might? Email us at sexsense@optbc.org for more details.


Outside BC and Alberta

If you are an organization outside of BC and Alberta who is interested in starting up a WontGetWeird network in your province, we’d like to hear from you!

We can provide assistance and resources to help appropriate organizations. If you are affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Sexual Health, there is no cost for this assistance.

To find out more, please contact us at sexsense@optbc.org


Thank You!

Options for Sexual Health would like to thank all of the organizations and individuals in the WontGetWeird network - without their dedication and commitment to accessible services, this project could not exist.

Options for Sexual Health would also like to thank Sexual Health Access Alberta (formerly Planned Parenthood Alberta), who originally conceived of and implemented WontGetWeird. They have generously granted us permission to realize a WontGetWeird campaign for British Columbia.